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Name:Silent Hill Universe Roleplay
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float up from a dream
People have gone missing around Silent Hill. There are whispers that that the ancient magick hidden in the town is once again making a mockery of human guilt and suffering, drawing people in before they have a chance to back away from the terrible torment. But now… children have been going missing too. Marks left upon the homes of the missing, strange symbols and colors as praise to an unknown deity, are the only hint to where the missing have gone. Some think it may be a cult in the works again; that they’re planning to bring salvation to the earth in their twisted, insane belief that their personal savior is the truth and the light. With the cult’s resurgence they bring unbelievable horrors to the surface again, threatening to envelope all who enter Silent Hill. To make matters worse, people from distant lands have been popping up in silent hill without any knowledge of how they got there.

South Vale is a pan-fandom, 18+ RP game set in the Silent Hill universe. Your character, for whatever reason, has been irresistibly drawn to Silent Hill. Maybe a friend or family member has gone missing, maybe they're searching for an important object, or maybe they just want to look into the myster surrounding it. Whatever the reason, your character is in Silent Hill with no way to get out. Stripped of their powers and weapons, all they have is the clothing on their back and a staticly old radio to their name. Does your character have what it takes to get out alive?

We are now opened!

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